Hello!  We are Mike & Katie, busy making small batches of handmade pottery in our home studio in Parbold, Lancashire. 

Mike is super wonderful at throwing pottery on the wheel so he does the making (whilst listening to 80’s power ballads). I LOVE colours and textures so I do the glazing (whilst listening to worship music).  We’ll never get bored of opening the kiln and seeing what we’ve made.

Pottery started as a hobby – we made crockery for our own house, the wedding venue we run and as gifts for friends & family. Lockdown meant our business had to close temporarily (well, turned out to be a lot longer!) and we found ourselves with more time to potter about so we decided to start selling what we made. Each of our pieces is hand thrown, hand glazed and utterly unique – you won’t find two pieces the same, people seem to like it so i guess we’ll just carry on! 

Our name is inspired by the still small voice of calm in the bible… plus we don’t want to ever be a “big thing” so years from now i hope we are still small!

Thanks for stopping by for a nosey – hope you find something you like. To buy, visit our Etsy shop (HERE) and to stalk us visit Instagram or Facebook.

We’re chuffed you’ve found our little shop and we’d be over the moon to hear from you.

e: Katie@stillsmallpottery.co.uk  –  t: 07976934652